Not sleep again! (some walking and talking)

Well not entirely. It strikes me that we talk about sleep a lot, I think that’s mainly because the first time that we get, is right after daisy has gone to bed, so naturally it’s on our minds.

It’s going really realy well now, Ruth is reading less and less as she backs out the room, and tonight daisy has just gone right down, no fuss, and no reading, although she is still adjusting to the extra hour, we went for sharp shock just change the clocks approach and it’s thrown her a bit, still it’s starting to get back to what we called normal last week.

None Sleep Stuff,

Daisy Rocks. Of-course I’m saying that because she’s my daughter, but for the last few days, she’s being standing at the window, in the front room when I come home from work. And nothing wipes away the stress of work faster than a small baby chanting daddy, daddy, daddy.. As you come into site.

I’ve made it my personal goal (so Daisy will no doubt see to it that I fail), that we will have walking sorted by Christmas, I’m not pressurising or anything, I actually think she will get this sorted out by herself. What I am doing is trying to remember to give Daisy opportunities to walk, all to often at night she will be cruising around the furniture, and when you call her, she naturally falls to the floor and crawls. If I remember just once each night to go over hold her hands and let here walk across the room, I will be doing my job.

Tonight we had a mammoth walking to mummy session, just holding fingers! Everytime we got to mummy we did some hugging, quickly had a reach for mummy’s glasses and then turned and got daddy to carry us across the room, we only stopped because my knees got sore.