Toy CarsAfter the swimming, we had a quick recovery coffee in Starbucks, on the way we popped into the ELC, at some point in the next two months we are going to have to get Daisy a Christmas present, still no real ideas, we where going to get a leap-pad, but the pages in the baby once look like daisy could rip them out in about 2 seconds, and for ?35 that’s quite a risk to take.

What we did get today is some cars, Ruth was worried that while we are terrible well adjusted, we have a little girl and we don’t have any cars for her to play with. So we got a set with a police car, ambulance and fire engine, that all have magnets on so you can chain them together, Daisy thinks there fun, but I think they’re fab, you can make them skid around the rug, and if you twist them at just the right point the back one flies of across the room! OK maybe I had a bit too much fun with the cars!