Keep on Swimming

We did swimming today! The whole family! Ruth had taken Daisy swimming a couple of times and had reported back that while it was a bit scary, it wasn’t actually the end of the world. Having absorbed all the brainwashing, I mean advice before daisy was born; we have this general feeling that having a baby that likes water is a good thing.

So today we all went to Garston, and Gosh it was cold. The thing we learned is that Daisy takes after her dad for shivering; when ever I go out in anything slightly below comfortable I will shiver for five minutes before getting use to the temperature, and then being fine for the rest of the time I’m out. Daisy shivered quite a lot when we first got in, but once she was over the initial shock of mummy and daddy putting her in such cold water, we where at least not screaming.

Overall I would say Daisy was unsure, at first it was the cold, and then it was just generally the water, and the fact it was deep. So we went to the very shallow bit of the pool, where it’s a bit like a beach, Daisy seemed to like this a bit more, because she could sit down, and they had little water blowy bits in the bottom, which felt funny.

After a little bit of sitting, we moved on to walking (see swimming and walking at once, how cool are we?), and I walked daisy back into some deeper water, after some tiptoe walking Daisy just lifted her feet and we did some floating on our belly (head right out of the water like those women who do the breaststroke without getting their hair wet).

The biggest trauma was the changing rooms, they don’t actually have loads of parent and child changing cubicles, and no where near enough changing tables, so we ended up doing child acrobatics to get daisy changed again, what with us just dipping her in ice cold water and all, she wasn’t inclined to trust us much.

Still it was fun, and I’m sure she’ll thank us when she’s older.