Question of the Day: Gerry Marsden and Ferries

We’ll we’ve answered one of life’s most important questions today, the question we asked was.

From: Kevin Jump
Date: 07-Nov-2005 09:35
Subject: Gerry Marsden


I’m sure you have quite a lot of important things to deal with, but i was wondering if you could just answer a quick question for me.

Does Gerry Marsden have to pay to go on the ferry? and if he doesn’t what about the rest of the pacemakers ?

I’m just curious really,

thanks in advance.

Kevin Jump.

and within 30 minutes we got the answer..

From ***********
To: Kevin Jump
Dear Kevin

Thank you for your email. All passengers travelling on the ferry do require a ticket. Full details are available on our website:

Many thanks

Mersey Ferries
Tel: 0151 330 1459

So there you have it, Gerry Marsden has to pay to go on the ferry, and listen to his own song.

Next Time…. Would Paul McArtney have to pay to go in the Beatles Story ?

2 thoughts on “Question of the Day: Gerry Marsden and Ferries

  1. Paul McArtney would definitely have to pay. Paul McCartney could probably get in for free, especially if he had some press photographers with him.

  2. That’s what I said (apart from the snidy bit about Kevin’s spelling, which I chose to ignore – frankly, if I pulled him up on every spelling/grammar/typing mistake he makes, we’d never get on to conversations about what’s for tea).

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