Thugalized Train Station

The Ticket office at Mossley Hill train station, was thugalized this morning, broken glass everywhere, and a slightly chilly looking ticket office bloke standing outside, directing people through the side gate.

Quite what drives someone to smash up and empty ticket office in the middle of a Sunday night, leaves us with a question, I can’t imagine they leave much in there overnight, maybe they had a desperate need to get a timetable, still I think it’s going to be a fun day at the station.

On the subject of stations there was a sign in Lime Street today, that I sort of glanced at as I walked passed. I said from the 14th November that the station is becoming a compulsory ticket zone, I’m not sure what that means, but does is mean that I can’t go and get my butties from boots at lunch time (Well I can I’ll have a ticket, but Stuart may have to walk around the station).