Subscribe to the Jumps

OK so that worked.

We are pleased to announce, a new thing, after many weeks of just thinking about it I’ve finally gotten around to sorting out The Jumps Email Subscription service,

With just a few key presses, and the click of a mouse (although return probably works) you can subscribe to the Jumps’ Email which means you will get an email everything, we post to the blog, or someone comments.

this means you don’t have to keep checking to see if we’ve posted, you can have any changes delivered right to your mailbox (as if you don’t get enough junk). Just fill in your email below, and click subscribe.

For now, the email is just for this weblog, not Daisy’s blog. We’ll sort that out soon, I promise.
Update: Daisy’s Blog is now included, I was going to do separate lists one for this blog and one for Daisy but I decided if you want to get posts about daisy, your going to have to suffer, random ramblings from the parents too.