Scary Libraries

Picton Reading Rooms
Picton Reading Rooms

I went to the central library public records office today, mainly out of curiosity, but also because I needed to get out of the office for a bit, and it wasn’t really the day to be wondering around town.

yesterday I stumbled on some records on the website, that said they have some 1946 photos of the bomb shelters that where build in the entry behind our house. Unfortunately they didn’t have copies on the web, but it says the pictures are available to all accredited readers.

So today I went to see what you had to do to become an accredited reader, except I didn’t really because I get scared of people behind desks, I find it terribly intimidating to have to go and ask someone a question, even though it’s quite blatantly their job to answer, and nine times out of ten they are dead nice. I just worry, that the perfectly nice looking lady behind the desk is really a vicious Visigoth of a woman who detests anybody who has the nerve to come into her library.

So I floated around for a bit, looked at books I wasn’t really interested in, and snuck around looking for a leaflet telling me what I needed to know. I found it, I just need to … Talk to someone and show some id… I think.

the must be a word for the fear of people behind desks and counterphobia just doesn’t sound medical enough to me.

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  1. It wouldn’t be so bad if we could split the work evenly – I’ll go and deal with people behind counters, if he’ll deal with them on the phone, especially outgoing calls.

    He doesn’t really like that either, though…

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