Daisy’s Ten Words

As Daisy grows, so does her vocabulary, Ruth and I where talking about this yesterday, and we worked out that Daisy now has 10 recognisable words, some of them have many meanings but they are consistent, and you can pick the words up, so in no particular order we have;

  1. daddy (means me 🙂 )
  2. mummy (Ruth, and where’s my food although that is being replaced by all-gone)
  3. daisy ( she does say it, it’s very close to daddy, but you can just pick out the difference)
  4. ei-ei-oh (I want to sing, oh and old McDonald would be good)
  5. all gone (I’ve finished, the foods ran out I want more, I want my tea, both hands raised with palms open)
  6. hiya (Hello)
  7. baby (anything small cuddly and with a face – so all her toys)
  8. row-row (I want you to do row-row your boat for me)
  9. what’s that? (sounds more like sdat, usually combined with pointing at anything, it can also mean look at that)
  10. oh dear (when we drop things, or anything falls on the floor, some times we drop things just so we can say this)

We have a controversial 11th word, I think daisy says “DA” everytime she sees one of the cat’s Ruth’s not convinced, she does meow, when they do, but that’s more just a coping noise than anything else.

And then there are the things that aren’t really words, like Ahhhh, when Daisy hugs things (mummy, daddy, teddies, cars and) socks, and she joins in with mummy and daddy when cheer.