Death by a thousand post-it notes

I got all dressed up for work today, It’s been a while since I bothered with a shirt and tie to work. Being locked in the tower with no out side contact, I didn’t really see the point (oh and I was depressed about ‘that’ Job). Anyway, today I felt the need to dress up, it was big meeting in the Roscoe board room, I’ve very little idea who Roscoe was one thing I am sure of is that it’s not the Sheriff Rosco of Dukes and Hazard fame.

post it notesI’m not going to bore you with the details of the meeting, it was just about stuff, including DES (the thing I work on). The format of the meeting followed most I’ve been to at this level: post-it notes.

I think there was a course or something that senior management got sent on, where the post-it note meeting technique was taught. For us non top-level management types this is the drill, you have two colour of post-it’s one one you write things that work and on the others you put problems (coincidently it’s always yellow for good things and pink for problems), I think the “things that worked” post-it’s are just to prevent it from becoming a moan-fest really, because we are all there to complain otherwise we wouldn’t be motivated enough to turn up.

Anyway, you write your post-it notes, stick them on the wall, and then people discuss them (why did you write that? You fool?) then we have a cup of tea, then we write some more post it notes on how to fix things (a lot less of these, we didn’t come to fix things, we came to moan). Then we talk about them (that will never work! You fool!). And then we go home. The post-it notes are then collected together then binned sorted through and a document is produced with outcomes.

We all go home, with a nice sense of having vented our problems, and the senior management, get to connect with the people.

I am being a bit cynical really, it wasn’t all that bad there were bourbon biscuits.

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  1. It has been said..or so I’ve heard that when audited an organisation that I unfortunately know quite well was repremanded for Management by Post-it. Apparently they fall off things, disappear,and generally people deny all knowledge of whatever it was they were asked to do.
    But then we also live in the word of disappearing e-mails.. “I didn’t get it”(said with great sincerity.)

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