More piccies,

I’ve been messing about with joining photies again, Chris kindly lent me Hockney on ‘Art’, which unsuprisingly has quite a few of Hockney‘s ‘Joins’ in it, all very interesting. One thing it has which I’ve been thinking of trying for a while is a join taken while walking along a line, I’ve been meaning to try this out for a while. My original idea was to walk right around something (like a building) take loads of piccies and then ‘fold’ the building out into a flat picture like a net (the shape you cut out at school when making a cube or something).

before trying this out on anything massive I decided to experiment with the War memorial outside St Georges hall.

Out of the North Parts a great company and a mighty army
Liverpool War Memorial
And the victory that day was turned into mourning unto all the people

The knitting together of the four sides hasn’t really worked yet, mainly because of the position of the sun and because I didn’t do any precise measurements so each side of the photo is slightly larger or smaller than the others, when I’ve got some time I may try messing with scale and stuff, but for now, I have two rather cool pictures of either side of the memorial.