New Washing Machine,

It appears to be that time again in the Jump’s house hold where money flows like water. Right down the sink, yesterday it was the turn of the washing machine, last week it stopped spinning so we got our friendly washing machine repair man in to have a look, he “replaced the brushes” which meant it span for a whole week before something else went pop, On a return visit, it turns out the circuit board is now busted, so we’ve given up on that machine and gone and got a new one.

We’ve given up on curry’s after a number of very bad customer service experiences, my favorite being told you’ll have to go to a specialist shop for that” (I think it was a HI-FI lead), so we trooped off to Comet instead.

Washing Machines galore, all with little icons on them that mean absolutely nothing to anybody. It’s virtually impossible to tell them apart too. In the end we we’re left looking at a washing machine and a washer dryer for the same price with the only discernible difference being the number of little lights on the front, so we plumped for the washer dryer, the little man attempted to sell us the 5 year cover at the cost of the machine again, and the limescale stuff, based on something, but give we live in Liverpool with it’s nice soft water, we didn’t get that.

according to the list on the little door at the front of our new washer/dryer it has a setting for SpecialSport and SpecialShoes: now, it doesn’t do just shoes, so we’ll have to get it home before we find out what special shoes are.

Anyway until Tuesday we are washing machineless, we’re taking some washes to Ruth’s Mum’s today, but if you see us over the next few day’s excuse the smell.