Daisy Walks!

We’ve been building up to this moment for quite a while now, but tonight, I think it’s fair to say that Daisy walked – a good four foot between me and Ruth. It wasn’t a stagger, either, it was a proper standing still then walking forward.

Standing is cool too

We’ve been doing standing and walking while holding fingers for a week or so now. When she holds your fingers, Daisy is perfectly OK. If only you can trick her into letting go, she doesn’t immediately fall to the ground, but today was much better.

Daisy was in a standing mood, which is something new, where she will stand unaided for a few seconds before deciding if she should sit down. Well, we played that game for a bit, then we did, Why don’t you move towards Mummy? At first it was more hand holding and back supporting, until the very last moment, and the last step was more like a fall into mummy’s arms. Daisy thinks it’s fabulous because you get cheers and smiles everytime, so she is looking around as soon as she gets there.

In the end what she was doing was ‘walking’ to Mummy then crawling back to Daddy for more, but then it sort of clicked, and about 3-4 times, we just walked, quite slowly and deliberately to Mummy, and once even back to Daddy. We got quite excited. As Ruth said, you would think no one had ever walked before, but Daisy can walk! A whole new world of chasing the baby awaits….