Where’s Kevin been?

Yeah, I’ve been quite quiet this week. Mainly because I’ve been frantic busy at work;

Over the last two years now, there’s being this project, nothing dead exciting, it’s all to do writing something to provide a way of managing the university’s computers, anyway around three years ago i wrote something for this. it was a rush job, but it worked, just. Like i said it was a rush job, then in a moment of work openness “I said it was the worst thing i had written and was surprised it worked on a daily basis” which is all true, that being said it was and is a bad bit of code (for me) but it works and is still working to this day.

Anyway, it turns out that when you say things like that people insist that you re-write it all, even if the bad code is OK. Because hey you’ve said it’s bad so it mustn’t work, right? well i think that’s the logic. So since then this project has been off-on-off-on-suspended-and back on now for what is approaching two years?

I’ve dug my heals in a bit i admit, I’ve said it would take three months to write, which is true, it will, especially when you take into account the amount of interruptions i get in an average week, without the interruptions it’s about three weeks work. you see the sad fact is, a weeks solid coding takes a month, because of the office environment i work in, and you wonder why i get downhearted?

Anyway you would think three months is a ice age, projects usually get around two weeks or 6 years, and no where in-between, I often say if a project scheduled for more than 6 weeks it’s doomed because 5 weeks in someone will move the goal posts, and your back to square one.

This week, project leaders have been away, and the office is unseasonably quiet (training courses I think) so I’ve been getting my head down, after all I’m nearly two months into a three month project, sooner or later someone is going to ask to see some results aren’t they? It’s not that i haven’t done a lot, there’s’ a lot of ground work in this one, with most of the clever stuff happening at the back where there is very little to show for it. So this week has been a fleshing out week.

No one else seemed willing so I’ve given my self a deadline, the end of the month for what I’m give the rather pompous title of Equivalent Functionality Release. That is to say the re-written ground up all bells and whistles project will by the end of the month match the one week, knocked up as quickly as possible version for what it does. Not that impressed? No this is my worry too, you see as I’ve said it’s all in the background, and it’s a bit like building a house, it takes forever to get the foundations in but once that’s done the building just shoots up. I’m just worried that this isn’t something people are use to.

In work, In order to get any ideas accepted you usually have to produce working prototypes which often are then taken as working copies and thrust into production, so the concept of lots of time and nothing to show could be a hard one for people to accept, still I’ve been quite productive this week, but it has meant that I’ve been a bit pottered out (both in work and at home) So I’ve been a bit quiet.