1st Day of Positive Christmas:

snowmanI’ll start with some personal good news, our dining room is getting decorated! Not so much by us, but by the Gilberts who very very kindly volunteered to decorate the room, and now have started decorating.

I feel I might have put undue pressure on them when I invited my mother and sister for Christmas day, but true to there word they have started decorating anyway, and they are much much more thorough at it than me. They’ve sanded down wood work, and even put undercoats on before the gloss, the room promises to be the best decorated out of the lot (not many are fully decorated it has to be said).

Feeling shamed by all this guest decorating in the house, I have also rolled my selves up (well actually I put a t-shirt on) and started to help, and I’ve painted the ceiling, a nice easy job which is very difficult to get wrong, when it comes to lining paper I will probably let them do it, that’s a job that my slapdash decorating style may not be suited too.