Happy Christmas

It’s a little bit late, I’ve been quite busy over the last few days, what with all that code I wanted to get done by December, and the painting of the back room has started (more details soon).

anyway, I’ve decided that the world is a sad place, and I unfortunately from time to time get trapped in the world of sad, and get ranty, as a treat for Ruth, Daisy and Myself, I’m going to try and be upbeat about things through out the month of December, you never know it might rub off (one of Ruth’s great Hero’s Fly Lady say it takes 29 days to form a habit so the signs are good).

As part of this I’m going to try and post a positive story every day up until Christmas, think of it as your positive Advent calendar, except instead of chocolate you might be filled with cheer.

I’m being positive about this, even though I’m already a day behind, that’s no trouble you’ll just get two stories today that’s all.