We passed another parenting milestone last night, we took Daisy to A&E. Not the most fun right of passage in the parenting hand buck, it has to be said.

At around 11 O’clock last night just as we where going to bed (a very late night for us), Daisy developed a quite scary weeze, which of course sent us running, It’s hard to tell if it was the weeze or the fact that we had just barged into her room that got her the most upset, but she was still making the sound even after a few minutes of sitting down and trying to get calm.

We of course had no idea what was going on, so we gave her some the Ventolin that we had for her coughing a few weeks ago, and that didn’t seem to help, although by the time we actually got around to this she was still making the sound but a lot less, so we bundled her into the car and went to Alder Hey.

Alder Hey were fantastic, by the time we arrived daisy’s weeze was only really there when she coughed, but within 3 minutes of arriving the Nurse knew what it was, was happy that daisy was in no immediate danger, and within 10 minutes daisy has had the dose of drugs, that make it all better.

Apparently Croup is a tightening of the air ways caused by an infection, it’s just like when you or I get a sore throat, it gets raw, and swells a bit, except when your a baby, you only have small airways so the swelling can make it a bit difficult to breath, and you get the noise, which is the very scary part.

The Drugs where a form of steroid that reduce the swelling. Once daisy had been given them, we sat around in the waiting area for an hour, under ‘observation’ which I think meant we told them if something happened. Daisy got a bit nouty (it was past midnight after all) but other than that she was fine.

Around an hour later a nice doctor told us all the stuff, the drugs reduce the swelling, almost always one dose is enough, it clears up over the next few days and you don’t have to worry. Give her plenty of calpol (for the sore throat), she’ll be fine in the day, and she might get a cough at night.

All in all the hospital was very reassuring. The overriding thought I got from the experience is how lucky we are to have a world class children hospital just down the road, I have no idea how we would have coped with Daisy in a ‘Normal’ A&E.

Anyway, Ruth, Daisy and Me have all been very nouty all day, because of the lack of sleep, daisy has a bit of a runny nose and a cough, but other than that she seems OK. If it does clear up it’s just going to take us a few days to get back up to speed, and sleeping with out one ear open all night.

Also, you realize another important thing the woman’s hospital don’t tell you when you have a baby, how to actually drive upto the A&E in Alder Hey, it’s a labyrinth.

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  1. Kevin’s covered all the details, there, I just wanted to add that dealing with a child – my child – who clearly can’t breathe properly is the most terrifying thing I have ever done, and even out-ranks the day Kevin dropped her down the stairs. May I never EVER be in that situation again… (You can add that to the ever expanding list of things I’m praying I don’t have to do twice).

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