Daisy health update

You’ll be delighted to hear that the croup appears to have been a one-off – despite the confident predictions of the paediatrician at Alder Hey, she didn’t even have the distinctive cough by the following day, and it hasn’t returned at night in the expected manner.

The doctor at Alder Hey was convinced that she should have some other symptoms of a cold, and all I could tell her was that her nose had been running in the waiting area outside the observation ward where we’d been sitting. She was absolutely fine at bedtime. I got the impression that croup generally comes as part of a cold, not, as in this case, as the first indication of one. I find that pretty alarming. I could cope, if the lesson was “Next time she has a cold, watch out for this.” I find it much harder to cope intelligently with, “This could happen at any time that she’s about to get a cold,” because frankly, that could be any time at all. At some point I probably need to turn the volume back down on the baby monitor, because whilst I find it reassuring to hear her breathe, it keeps Kevin awake. But what if it happened again, while I was asleep, and I didn’t hear her?

Anyway, the streaming cold set in on Tuesday, though on Monday she was very irritable, with the combination of a severely broken night, and starting to feel quite unwell. Poor little thing looks terrible – her nose is streaming, her eyes are almost as bad, and puffy with it. Yesterday, we just sat around and watched TV together. Hopefully she’ll be a little better today – if her eye is still doing that alarming gunky thing, we may need to fit a trip to the doctor’s in, on top of a whole stack of messages that we need to run this morning. Last posting day for international stuff, today, you know…