12 Days to Go (see we are counting down now!): Our Windows

More personal good news now: Our Windows are being restored as of today!

you may remember a while back we got a sash window repair company (ventrolla) to come and give us a quote on the repair of our windows back to there former glory. Well after a short wait, we now have two very nice men from Chorley who work out of Preston fixing our windows, and it’s all very exciting.

window lock
Our window locks

Today they did two windows the dining room (yes the same one that is mid decorate, it’s getting quite cramped in there now, lots of paint, and windows stuff all in the same room). And the morning room.

It should be pointed out at this juncture before we go any further, that we live in a standard 4 bedroom terrace house built around the turn of the century when Liverpool was expanding quite a lot. We however have rather pompous names for all our rooms, we actually only call one of the four bedrooms a bed room, one is a nursery (not to bad) another is the study (where the pooters live) and the fourth is our library, most people would call this a box room, but it doesn’t actually have any boxes in it, just loads and loads of books (see the library, and a place to read them).

Anyway the windows repairs are going really well, and the two they have done are fab, the open (both top and bottom) we have cool little restrictior bolts on them to stop small people opening them to far, and nice chunky brass fittings for lifting and closing them. So it’s good news for us and yes we are very excited.