Words, Walking and Food

Daisy enjoys lunch.

Daisy still has a little cough, and if it catches her at the wrong time of the night, it can mean we (by which I mean me) have a bit of a broken night. Daisy seems to have inherited her sleeping genes from her mum, so can consequently sleep through her own coughing even if it wakes me up!

Walking is sorted now; we still have the odd tumble, but our preferred method of getting around has moved from crawling – standing rocks, and when you stand you can reach so many exciting things!

The biggest new thing this week (there is at least one every week now!), is self feeding. Eating food by ourselves is grand (especially for mum and dad who can now enjoy their own meals while they are still warm). It’s a bit messy, and the idea that tipping the spoon between the bowl and your mouth results in an empty spoon has taken some working out, but we are getting there.