Pre-Christmas Bonkers,

OK, I’m going to have to work hard to keep this positive, but I’ve gone a bit bonkers today. Maybe it’s the combined effect of decorating, having the windows done, having a new carpet laid, rearranging the office, and having two calls to Microsoft Support all causing me grief, or maybe it’s because I had my hair cut last week.

Having my hair cut does occasionally send me loop-the-loop, and I can often be seen stroking my very short hair repeatedly while rocking slowly forwards and backwards. This time however it’s more likely all the things going on at once, the week before Christmas.

No one really to blame but ourselves, but it’s lots of work on the house and stupid calls to Microsoft at work, meaning that my days have been very long over the last few weeks, still staying positive, the windows are now finished1, the room is decorated2, and at least one of my support calls to Microsoft looks like it has a solution3, so it should all be plain sailing from her until the new year!

1, Ventrolla have done their stuff, all windows now open, close and are draft free, they just need painting.
2, the room is decorated, it has no furniture, or curtain rails.
3, Microsoft have ‘admitted’ the problem and are going to fix it (sometime next month)