I am a better housekeeper than Asda think is normal!

The whole housekeeping challenge does not come naturally to me. Frankly, it didn’t come to me at all until I stumbled across the quite clearly insane, but great for all that, Flylady. She revealed to me the little secrets of living in a house that isn’t a health-risk. She taught me about routines, and doing things at the same time of day, in the same order, on the same day of the week. She’s why I go to Sainsbury’s on a Tuesday, and Asda on a Wednesday, and why I always go slightly pale if someone suggests something that means rearranging one of those things. I mean, I can rearrange it, but I have to have the little panic, before I remind myself that the routine is my servant, not my master…

Because of Flylady, my house gets hoovered, dusted, mopped, its bins emptied, and it’s sheets changed about once a fortnight. I aim for every week, but I fail one week in two. Before Flylady, any one of those jobs could go for months without being done.

Because of Flylady, I no longer leave the washing up till the weekend.

Because of Flylady, I wash clothes once a day, rather than when we’ve run out, and I’ve even started ironing things, which is a job I just didn’t do up to about nine months ago – we were creased, that was all there was to it.

I limp through, but at least when I slip, I know what I’ve slipped from, and how little I can do to get back on track. “What’s the least I can do, and still make a difference?” is a very important question in life, and one which I’d never really grasped before Flylady.

Anyway, since I began ironing things, my criteria for what things require ironing has gradually expanded, until it includes one of Daisy’s sheets. I don’t normally iron sheets, but this one looks nice ironed, and I make the exception. It’s a proper cotton sheet, three spots on the iron, and frankly is a bit of a mare to get the creases out of, without the aid of the wonderful invention of spray starch.

Today, I tried to purchase spray starch in a reasonably sized Asda, and was told that they didn’t stock it. So it turns out I’m a better housekeeper than Asda can actually accommodate. Go figure…