Daisy’s Christmas

I think this year Daisy noticed Christmas a bit more, we now know what to do with wrapped up boxes. So even when Ruth is getting a present for her birthday, Daisy is right in there ripping the paper.

Toys abound our house, so much so, that we are gearing ourselves up for the first major cull of cuddly toys, when daisy was born she got around 20 cuddly toys, quite a few where small, and the rest just went to live on the high shelf to be brought out over time, but now, with her birthday, and Christmas, there is a real cuddly mountain in the house.

The hit presents of Christmas this year, have been Clive the bear who is just big and cuddly, both the pushing pram things, so much so that we’ve moved one upstairs so we can play in the morning. My mum got Daisy her own pink leather arm chair, which has to be seen to be believed, and Daisy loves it, unfortunately she also climbs on it and stands on the seat which is a bit dangerous so it’s been quarantined until she’s a bit older.

We got daisy bath toys, which are a big hit, although last night we worked out how to squirt water from one of them and daddy got very wet.