We all know about Daisy’s favorite song old McDonald, but now she has a growing repertoire

The song she likes to sing with her toys is row-row, which doesn’t go much further into the song but it does include all the actions. It can be very useful in the morning when you’re trying to sort her out. If you give Daisy Samantha – the undisputed favorite bedtime toy, she will rock her back and forth, while you get everything ready.

another favorite, although I’m not sure she gets the song, is Happy Happy Joy Joy, which is from a ren and stimpy cartoon, I don’t think it was ever indented as a baby song. But the fact that the words are mainly just happy, happy, happy, means that Daisy can now just walk around going “abby, abby, abby”, it’s very cute.

We also sing to quite a lot of songs, even if we don’t know the words. If we are in the car and the song on the radio is particularly warbly, we’ll get accompanying la,la,la’s from the back, this happened more with Christmas songs, but put a warbly bit in most songs and we pick it up.

and then there’s our own made up songs, when daisy wakes up she’s quite chilled and often plays by herself for at least 30 minutes before we go in to get her and start the day, quite often you can be lying in bed listening to her and she will start to make up her own songs, they usually go, something along the lines of “ardy, la, la, la, la, e-i-e-i-o”