The Jump Awards,

Returning from Manchester yesterday (I’ve had my yearly fill now), we passed the Jaguar factory in halewood. It’s the first time we’ve passed since around Christmas, so the nice tree was missing from outside the factory.

It was a little shame, I thought because Jaguar have the nicest Christmas trees. So this got me thinking (like I needed a reason), maybe We (using the royal we here, Ruth thinks I’m bonkers) should give out an award for best publicly displayed Christmas tree in Liverpool. It seems that anybody can hand out awards now-er-days so why not us. I’ve even thought of the Award to, it would be one of those little lego trees, maybe on a block spray panted gold.

Then I thought why just stop at one award? Why not have a whole set of awards? I haven’t thought of any other categories yet (suggestions welcome, you can submit them anonymously if your ashamed to admit you’ve thought about it), but I’ve got all year, I’m thinking around Christmas this year, we’ll have awards. We might even tell the echo about them, you never know if it’s a very slow news day. We could make the paper!