Another Broken Video Camera

Our luck with video cameras continues, it would appear that our JVC GD-20EK video camera has given up the ghost after two years of very little use. Making it two cameras in three years.

Poor Camera (JVC)

Now admittedly I dropped the first one from a great height onto a concrete floor, to be fair this was a Sony, and it still worked afterwards, it just had an annoying rattle, which for a camera with only a built in microphone is annoying. So after finding out that the cost to fix a 250 camera was 190 we got a new one.

The second time we scoured high and low, and with our 250 budget we got the JVC still with a built in microphone, at the time we looked everywhere and couldn’t get a external mic for 250, in hinsight we should have streached because the JVC has had a slight motor noise on the microphone from day one, very annoying. Also the JVC wasn’t built as well as the Sony, now admitiy the Sony was Digital-8 and the JVC is MiniDV so the Sony was a bulkier beast, but still you can tell the quality difference in cameras.

better (but broken) Sony

Well now, the JVC has gone cranky after no ill treatment, it now just has a black screen and doesn’t pick up any picture through the lens, the screen is working because it plays back, and does all the menus. I even recorded, and just got a black screen with sound. It was working at Christmas, we took around 30mins of daisy opening pressies, and that’s all on the tape but when I picket it up of the high ‘safe’ shelf it’s been on since Christmas day it won’t do anything. naff naff JVC camera.

So it’s only two years old, I’m going to check for guarantees, if it doesn’t have one, I’m going to attack it with a screw driver, there is a very good camera repair shop in town, but as he said when I took the Sony camera in, modern electronics are so small, its’ almost as cheap to just buy a new one, then repair it.

I’m not mad keen to buy a new one, if we do it won’t be a JVC; infact the experiences with this camera, (considering was a comparable price to a Sony so you don’t pay much of a premium for the name), was no where near as well built as the Sony, may mean that I will never buy JVC electronics.

and it will have an external microphone, if there is one lesson from all this, it’s get a camera with MicIn!