Father Christmas

So Farther Christmas, is he real?

Well it’s as far as Daisy is concerned it’s upto us really, now most people just assume you’re going to make father Christmas real, and if your not then you are the most evil parent in the world ever.

Ruth for a while has been worried about Father Christmas; if you tell Daisy that he’s real and then she finds out from another child that he’s not, will she ever trust you again? A bit melodramatic ? Maybe, but it is a worry.

Then you have the flip side, If you tell Daisy that father Christmas is made up, Daisy is the rotten child who tells everyone else. Not a problem for us (unless angry parents come a knocking) but it may drop Daisy’s popularity and party invites down a little.

We did consider (well not consider as think it would might be funny) to make Father Christmas into this little charity figure. On the telly, the bobbinogs where telling us how baby teeth fall out to make way for grown up teeth, and when the fall out…. (Kevin makes up story from here), you put them under your pillow, and Farther Christmas comes, and takes them away to make toys for poor little boys and girls.

At least as plausible as the tooth fairy I thought, but as Ruth then pointed out, Daisy would go around telling the other kids, “Farther Christmas only makes toys for poor kids, are you poor?”
probibily not a great idea.