More space for Daisy == Less space for the Cats

Last night we added another childgate to the equation and moved one around, with the result that daisy now has that little bit further to wonder.

we’ve only added around 8 foot of the hall from the morning room door, to near (but not to) the stairs) but Daisy loves it she spent a good hour last night testing everything in her new space to see what she could open, pull, move to a different room, so almost immediately, the shoe rack has gone upstairs, and the cupboard under the stairs has been rotated to hide some nice little spaces.

The Cat’s on the other hand are miffed, and they probably don’t fully appreciate it yet, we’ve made most of the house out of bounds for them. Before they had a pretty much free reign of most of the house except the living room, and why would you want to go in there anyway? That little scary person’s in there. The problem with that was they as cats often do when they feel left out, challenged or just wicked; they where ‘marking’ the house. Which was a) smelly and b) not very hygienic.

The moving of the gate was more to restrain the cats then for Daisy but she was getting a bit bored with just one room, and now she can stand at the gate and watch you cook, which will either be cool, or quite hard work.