A sad day.

Not only was yesterday the most depressing of the year, according to Dr Cliff Arnall, of Cardiff university, but NBC canceled the west wing!

I have to say it’s not a great shock (The west wing bit) it costs a fortune to make apparently and it has gone off the boil a bit in the last few seasons, apparently this is because Arron Sorkin, was writing and rewriting everybody’s work until he got arrested with some drugs on him and then later quit

(the sad day bit isn’t a surprise either because they ran the same story last year)

2 thoughts on “A sad day.

  1. Following on from the 23rd being the most depressing day of the year, the 24th was the happiest day of the year!

  2. Aw! Aren’t brand new uncles sweet?!

    It’s true – Daisy is no longer the baby of the family. My cousin, Joanne, delivered a bouncing baby boy called Ethan Peter, on Tuesday, at a stonking 9lb 2oz. Come to think of it, such an announcement deserves more than a comment on another post…

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