Aren’t families funny?

My sister was the baby of our family, on my mum’s side, for a mere 28 years, before Daisy usurped her.

Daisy, of course, is the first of her generation in a variety of directions (though she has an older cousin on Kevin’s side), and that’s something no-one can take away from her. Her role as the new baby, however, has gone to her second cousin (my first cousin once removed – and I’ve made it my business to know about these things…): one Ethan Peter, who was born on Tuesday, and weighed 9lb 2oz, which is plenty big enough, given that Joanne’s never been enormous.

So it’s odd, how some people can be the family baby for a thirty years or more, and others only for a few years, months, or even weeks.

Congratulations Joanne, and Tim, and the euphoric uncle and grandparents… 😉

2 thoughts on “Aren’t families funny?

  1. So my cousin’s children are my first cousins first removed? Thats a very useful thing to know since Ive been tryin to work it out for years now!

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