A Daddy, Daisy Day*

Yesterday, was the first in what we plan to be many Daddy Daisy days; where I take the day of work, and take daisy out for an exciting trip. This has loads of benefits, not least I get to spend more time with Daisy, Ruth gets a Daisy free day, and Daisy gets to do something fun with Daddy. The amount of holidays I get, means I can afford to take a daddy daisy day at least once a month, and still have enough holidays for the odd week over the year.

So yesterday we went on the ferry!, Daisys been on the ferry before, but now she’s a little older, she’s actually aware enough to take a lot more in, and in the huge grin on her face is anything to go by, she loved it. Once on the ferry we rushed inside (it is still winter you know) and found a suitable window to stand by, and then the ferry moved and we could see the water and everything.

the big thing that did surprise me about the day was Daisy’s almost blas? attitude to trains. Waiting for the our train, another two trains speed passed at very high speed, honking horns and everything, and Daisy just watched them, didn’t cry, didn’t laugh either. Given that these things we’re only ten foot away and traveling at great speed, that’s a better reaction than I usually have to them.

*(pictures soon I promise)

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