More genealogy

The family tree continues to grow. We now have 198 names in our family tree. And we can go back eight generations from Daisy in at least two directions.

a treeThe internet rocks for this, at first I can be hard to find the information but once you’ve got the right places you can (and do) spend all night looking through names, and working it all out. So much so, that when we’ve been looking for software to put the tree into (currently we’re using genesreunited) one feature a few of them have is an alarm to tell you to go to bed.

Today. I took the next step, and actually went to the library, and looked at parish records on microfilm, valuable lesson of the day? When you know you’ve written down the information you need to find, make sure you then take that piece of paper with you to the library.

All wasn’t lost, I at least have gotten over the first hurdle and spoken to people and used the machines, so the fear factor isn’t stopping me anymore. Next time I will take all the right information.

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  1. Did you know there are heaps of Jump’s in America.
    The little coloured bits on the map around Bournemouth are my family, though we have traced our family back to Knowsley,

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