Daisy and Sleep,

I know we’ve gloated on about Daisy’s sleeping patterns before, but this latest family illness just made me realize it all again, We are so lucky that Daisy sleeps!

She even brushes her own teeth

Basically, 99% of the time, Daisy goes to bed with no fuss, at 7pm and then doesn’t wake up until around 8am the next morning, at which time, she chunners to her self and her three bed toys (Samantha the pink rabbit, fidu the dog, and pink the pink thing), until sometime around 8:30-9.00 when Ruth gets her up for breakfast.

I’ve long gone by this time, because I’m up and out the house by 7.15, but that sort of proves the point of how lucky we are. I get up stomp around (it’s very very quiet stomping) for 45 minutes and then go out, and daisy is still asleep! Daisy has virtually no impact on our sleeping patterns at all. Other than she tires us out chasing her around the house all day.