Our first family illness

There’s nothing quite like the entire family being knocked out by a bug at the same time. This week we all got a nasty little tummy bug, which resulted in us all evacuating our stomachs, and then mooching around for the rest of the week, all feeble like.

Daisy got it first, and then me and Ruth a day or two later, which given how the sick part only lasted for around 6 hours much better than it could have been. Daisy also took it all a lot better than I did. I am fairly convinced I am one of the noisyest people in the world when I’m being sick. I do a full set pre sick moans, and then a lot of post sick, arghhhs. Still daisy slept through my rough patch so I can’t have been all that bad (or it she was so tired from the bug, she might have slept through anything).