A late developer…

Not Daisy, you understand – me.

I’ve joined the ranks of the hippy baby-wearers, which one could argue is missing the boat rather, considering she’s over sixteen months old.

I always rather saw myself as a baby-wearer, to be honest, and I did it a bit, but with a nice, modern “baby-carrier” rather than an old-fashioned sling, and she seemed to out-grow it far too quickly. It’s only now, as she’s actually walking, that I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to revisit the concept.

She can walk, of course, but she’s still very little, and there are plenty of times when I need to hold her, either to keep her pinned in one place, or because she’s gotten too tired and started falling over lots. Or because I need to DO things, and she’s having a Scream When Mummy Leaves The Room phase. I regularly carry her upstairs on one hip, with a basket of laundry on the other, and it doesn’t really work very well.

Well, yesterday, I managed to make an old-fashioned baby sling out of a bed sheet, as per these instructions (it’s a long page, look around half-way down), and I am absolutely delighted. It spreads her weight so much more evenly than holding her onto my hip with my arm, and I’m slightly stunned as to how stable and secure she seems – and when I get it wrong, she feels unsteady, and makes her insecurity known in no uncertain terms. And the great thing is that it cost me nothing – I had a flat double sheet in the airing cupboard, and I used that.

Of course, once you start using the web to research baby-wearing (and what an appalling expression!), you discover that you’ve tripped into a world of extended breast-feeding, co-sleeping, “attachment parenting” (and again I say, what an appalling expression!) hippies, with whom I really don’t see myself identifying particularly. But I shall fight for my right to nick their ideas without wearing their dodgy clothes, massive glasses, and greasy hair.

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