New week’s resolution: Less ‘weighty’ posts.

I’m worried that it’s all got a bit to weighty in the blog recently. Not weighty in-terms of issues, after all we still post about family trees, and silly news, but most of the posts seem quite significant, gone are all the totally insignificant posts about my breakfast, what colour my socks are (OK we never posted these things).

In hindsight, I think it was the email mailing list bit that made me all self-conscious. Somehow knowing that what I type was going to arrive in people’s email made me feel more responsible, I hate all the email clutter I get, I’m not to keen on all those ‘have you seen this silly thing’ office email I get, (although it should be noted people who only do this sparingly do often find very cool things; Chris) so the idea that I would in effect be sending emails saying, look my socks are blue today,was a bit offensive.

Anyway, you may have noticed (and probably wonder what’s happened if you use to get them) that the email bit has gone. This is in preparation for putting some type of filter on Daisy’s blog so in theory I shouldn’t be worrying about that any more.

So my new weeks resolution, less significance in the blog; you might see this as a bad thing, after all surely it’s all going to be drivel, well yes, but it’s useful, social historical drivel. Just look back at august 2004, quite a few ‘low value’ posts, but they flesh out my life, looking at them I can get a better picture of what I did then than I can from last months posts.

For the record, I have those black Asda socks with the coloured heels; Ruth pairs them together correctly, because and I quote “I love you more than those other wives, who make there husbands were them odd”.