Work this week:

This week I will be mostly coding.

Work is a funny thing at the moment, I have a huge workload lined up, infact we have already pushed some things into next year. However because of budgets, hardware, and consultants, I’m currently in a little bit of a lull: we’re planning to change quite significantly how our Virtual Learning Environment (blackboard) integrates with our student system (oss), but before we can do that we have to get the new servers to run the new version. We are also getting our student system (oss again) to work better with our domain (Active Directory) but that is being done in conjunction with a consultant, who is in and out all the time, doing other things.

This coupled with a budgetary issues slowing other projects down (we are just working out what to spend our money on), means that I have taken it upon myself to rewrite some code this week. It’s not critical that it be redone, after all everything is currently working, but it’s a bit slow and the error messages aren’t great. I am usually a great believer in “if it ain’t broken…”, but I’ll probably not get a chance to look at this code* for another 18 months, So if I don’t do it now, I’ll just have to live with the slow naff messages, and that might drive me a bit mad.

*code, programming stuff that makes the computer do what you want; or a close approximation. For a real nerdy example of some code, take a look at these, maps of old atari game code. they’re quite cool.