Metric Road Signs.

The UK Metric Association (who knew such a thing existed?) is calling for the UK change all its road signs to metric over the next five years (shouldn’t that be 2 Kilodays?). They say converting to metric signs will help the UK “join the modern world”. I can’t wait. I’ll just drop this abacus in the stream, leave t’mill and go join t’modern world (see how, I reverted to stereotypical northern country speak there to emphesize my point?).

Well I think it would be a complete waste of money, I like my miles, I (strangely) have more of a sense of a mile than a kilometer. I know how fast 40miles an hour is, and while I know I would learn, just how fast is 112k/ph ? it’s 70 m/ph if your wondering.

I think we need an UK Imperial Association, if for nothing more than to make it a bit more interesting.