Website tweaks.

The more observant among our huge readership may have noticed that I’ve been tweaking with the website over the last few days. It’s what I do to stave off the underlying nerdy urge to start all over again. You must understand I do like the current design, it’s nice, and as Ruth so rightly points out, it does at least have some individuality to it, it’s just my inner nerd likes nothing better then a blank piece of paper (ok a empty document), and to start all over again.

Occasionally I do start over, but more often than not I end up with something that either isn’t as good, or is so near identical as not to be worth the hassle. So to keep me happy I tinker. More often than not this just involves making a new banner and changing a few colours here and there. But this week, I’ve done a couple of font changes, I’ve decided to go for big titles, and little dates. As a way of a change. I’ve added little bits of code (because after all I’m a programmer) just to make external links have a little icon, just like wikipedia. But the biggest change is something I guess most people never see, the printed version of the site.

One of my pet hates is how most websites never print well, a good bad example is the beeb pick any story and go look at print preview, and you get a copy of the web page. Which is fine, except that’s a lot of wasted space, an even worse website for printing is it mag the register, because you end up with a page of links at the top, and even more at the bottom. All I want is the article, not the links, what use are all the links when I’m holding a piece of paper?

Well I can’t do anything about them, but I can control how printing works here, I know most people (including me) will ever print pages from this site, but I’m happy knowing if they do, they get a nice clean page, with just what they wanted to read on it*.

*if your wonder what I’m going on about, go to File -> print preview on this page, and yes it does look like the guardian.