Pastures Purple,

Well I’ve finally done it, after six years in my first job out of university I’m moving on.

I case you don’t know I work for Liverpool John Moores University, In the Computing and Information Services department, Although that is all about to change, I’m moving on to pastures new, I’ve just accepted a job with Liverpool City Council (hence the purple reference), working on the web side of things.

I’m not moving for the money, although there is a little bit more (not much at all believe me), neither am I moving for the google rank (search for Liverpool on Google, I’ll be moving from Number 5 to Number 2), I’m going for the job prospects.

After 6 years I’ve reached as far as I can go in the university, without people leaving or dying, and they are showing no signs of that. So I’m going, the job on the face of it is a sideways step, from one senior development position to another, but it’s a change, and a chance.

One to go further pay wise: I was at the top of scale, and now, I’ll be in the middle,

Two to get some more experience: It’s all very well working on all sorts of different projects at the uni but, it’s still the same job, and it limits what exactly you can work on, a new job will bring new challenges.

and Three more Job Prospects: Now I admit I don’t know this for sure, but I’m hoping the possibility of progression will be better in the Council, I have nothing to base this on, but it can’t be worse, currently I’m top of scale with all the project leaders above me digging in their heals until retirement (which is a long way of for most of them).

So that’s it really. I’m a bit scared, after all we fear change.