Telling the Boss

So, I’m leaving; first thing to do, tell the boss. Not officially mind, You don’t want to go around giving up one job before you know for sure that you’ve got another one to go to. But it seemed polite only to given him a heads up, about it all.

“I’ve got some news”

“Is it good news or bad news?”

“Well it’s bad news for you, it’s quite good news for me. I’ve been offered at job a Liverpool Direct working as a web developer”

“You’ve not accepted it have you?”


All in all I think he took it well. It’s not like it wasn’t on the cards, we’ve talked about how I was getting to the point where I couldn’t progress any further, with no posts above me becoming vacant, and how I was ‘Ambitious’ although where he got that from I have no idea.

We’ve decided that around two months, what with all the work I have to hand over and the fact I have 10’ish days holiday to take, means that I will be leaving work mid April and starting my new job first week of may. Only 29 more working days to go!

Gosh this is happening fast.