Publish and be dammed?

It’s all very well having freedom of speech, but you do have to think about the consequences.

One of the questions that have been floating around in my mind since I got this new job, is do I back publish all those blog posts where I rant about things at work? To give you a summary most of these are just me venting my frustrations, product X was a stupid mistake; we are wasting money on product Y because person Q has dodgy morals.

At the time, I decided not to publish these rants because they would no doubt land me in trouble, and they had already served there purpose getting it out of my system, but now I am free of the shackles of worrying about what people think (although references are still pending) do I publish and be dammed?

Well I’ve thought about it and while I’m free to publish, I’m not going to. Firstly why upset people? It’s all in the past now, me ranting about it won’t change that, it may bring things back in to peoples minds, it may even give people who didn’t already know some of the facts, something to get upset about, but overall it will upset people.

Secondly; what message does this send to my new bosses? Don’t tell me anything because I will remember it, write it down, and at sometime in the future, I will tell the world and it’s wife.

So on the whole I don’t think I will thank you.