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I went for a wonder into town for lunch today. I needed some fresh air, a little break from the hum of the computers.

a pencilOn my walk I popped into Waterstones; for a while now I’ve been thinking I need something interesting to read, and I’ve been keeping an eye out for The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell, basically it’s a book about how little things push something from just doing ok to being huge. Apparently this book is a good example because it’s now a world wide best seller, and load of people are talking about it. I heard about it, because Malcom Gladwell now has a new book out called Blink which is about thinking without thinking, which some people say is good but not as good. Still you have to read the first one I suppose.

Anyway, that’s all a quite long winded given I didn’t find the book, but I did see several others that all followed a certain trend. A lot of the management/Selfhelp books have silly titles, while in the book shop I saw Purple Cow (Be Remarkable), Who Moved My Cheese (Embrace Change), Fish! (be energetic and enthusiastic), and How Full is your Bucket? (work life Balance).

I think Purple Cow sums it up, these books have silly names so they stand out, people read them, and management can look all trendy by saying they’ve read who moved my cheese, and are embracing the principles of FISH!

So I’m bringing my own corporate self help statement to the world, “Think Pencil”, it’s all about how a pencil is useful for so many things but you have to keep it sharp, and the rubber is great for changing things, but it always leaves a mark.

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  1. I think that the pencil should also represent simplicity, and not over-engineering when a simple solution will do the job just fine. That’s always been kind of important to you, and it’s reminiscent of the story about pens that work in space (NASA spent millions developing a biro that would work in zero gravity. The Russians used a pencil…).


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