It’s all slight more real now,

The paper works arrived for the job, so it’s all a bit more official. It’s still not official official, because it’s dependent on references, and medical information being passed back and forth. But I now have a piece of paper telling me I got the job and how much they are going to pay me (although I’m due for a cost of living rise in April, before I even start!).

I still haven’t told everybody in work yet, mainly because it’s a Saturday, but also because I wanted to wait for the piece of paper. Mondays going to be fun though, almost first thing we have a project meeting, so I think I will use that as the opportunity to tell people. Stuart already knows so he will be prepared, and hopefully he has some ideas as to who will take over what.

I spent all of last week writing documentation. And I suspect I will spend most of the next 5 weeks doing the same, with all my holidays taken into account I should finish in around 5 weeks, get a fortnight off, and then start my new job beginning of May.

I’ve gotten over most of the initial shock and now I’m really looking forward to it and no doubt I will be chomping at the bit by may,