Daisy continues to grow and learn things

Not much talk of Daisy, recently, so here are some photos to compensate:
This one is Daisy wrapped up against the snow, when it snowed a teensy weensy bit, and we got over excited and went to the Wirral to walk in it.

And this one is Daisy following the new family trend of baby-wearing – the improvised sling is actually one of my scarves, and the baby doll would have stayed in it beautifully if it had been just a little bit tighter.

On the development front, her vocabulary is exploding at the moment – she just keeps pointing at things and telling me what they are. She impressed my sister yesterday by calling her “Aunteee”. Key words of the week also include “bubble” (it comes out “babbow”), which refers to bubble mixture, obviously, but also anything remotely bubble-esque, including balloons and at least one circular window. Also, and my mum tells me that this is developmentally advanced, she’s got the concept of “not” – as in “Not Daddy!” when I’m trying to fob her off onto another parent, and “Not down!” when she wants me to pick her up. She can, when prompted, say “Up, please,” but “Not down” is what comes to her more naturally…