Complete computer failure

I’ve suffered complete computer failure over the last few days, First the second power supply for my laptop has died. So I am no resorting to swapping between one broken power supply and the other, and the 50 or so minutes of battery life I get when (and if) the laptop is fully charged.

this is just another nail in my laptop’s coffin really, for the last 12 months, it’s being running incredibly hot, and as a result quite slow and the ‘end’ key is busted, and all wobbly. So I won’t be replacing the ?60 power supply, given how they are different makes of supply that have failed in almost the same way, I’m beginning to suspect the laptop, may be the root cause.

then one of our other ‘servers’ has failed, the age old compaq we got for ?50 to act as our mail server (a while back when I was messing about with stuff) has died. We don’t really need that computer so no replacement there, the only things left working our Ruth’s computer (still has a dodgy network card though) and my Dell the first computer I ever owned.

my old dell, still goingWe’ve recently recommended people we know to buy Dell PCs, they are quite cheap, nice and as my ancient Dell is testament to, very reliable. I however am not replacing my PC with a dell, I’m building my own, simply because I know how, and for the price of a low spec dell, I can get a slightly better spec homebrew PC with oodles of memory, and have two monitors 🙂 building your own PC isn’t as big a saving as it use to be, and it’s really not worth it if you don’t have things you are planning to reuse, and the time to get it all talking together.

I’ve ordered the bits, and anyday now, I’m expecting two big boxes of stuff, and a fun night or two of sticking it all together, gosh I’m sad.

3 thoughts on “Complete computer failure

  1. There was what we could describe as a certain budgetary consideration…

    I save money if Kevin gets all cross and frustrated with half-a-dozen bits of circuitboard and a screwdriver.

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