A quick update on everything Kevin

New Job: I am still waiting for official conformation, the fact that I am getting drip fed forms coupled with the office relocation of the occupational health team in the council (I have no idea what the fitness level for typing is), mean that the letter has still not arrived, which means I still haven’t officially handed my notice in which in turn means I don’t know when I’m leaving. At the moment we are looking at around the 15th May.

Pooter: My new pooter arrived, I spent all night putting it together, and the motherboard and or Processor doesn’t work. Ruth keeps saying “this is why you buy dell”. It’s not my fault. Microdirect say it should work, Abit (the motherboard people) say it should work, but the AMD support forums, has messages from people saying the can’t get it to work (lesson from this. Check the support forums before you buy the bits).

So A trip to Manchester for me tomorrow morning, take the motherboard and processor back to the shop and see if they can get it to work. I am hoping they will swap the motherboard for a different model.