Exams that don’t matter

*Rant Alert*
This is why (in my opinion) they need to sort out the whole exam thing in schools. A School in Northampton is running classes over the Easter brake to help students do well in there SATs SATs are to measure school performance exams not student performance.

While SATs do give an indication of what level a student is at, any half decent school doesn’t need tests to tell it which students are doing well, and which ones are falling behind. No employer is ever going to say “those GCSE’s are all well and good Mr Jump, tell me your KS1 SAT results”. No let’s just stress our 7, 11 and 14 year old kids out for no other reason, than we can order schools in a spreadsheet.

As someone with a preschool child, I can tell you it all makes virtually no difference.

Where we live there are basically two primary schools, Dovedale (john Lennon, bla, bla, bla) and Greenbank. The league table scores are vitally in distinguishable and don’t tell me anything I didn’t already know about the two schools, in fact the miss of more information than they include, greenbank has recently been merged with another school and rebuilt, and dovedale gets some money from yoko ono, so has nice new windows. If these schools where significantly different, then we would know, as would everybody else around the area. You don’t need league tables to tell us that.

So is it worth stressing children out, just so parents of children looking for a school can say “and that tells me what, all the schools around here are basically the same?”