Growth report

Daisy is growing. I mean, still growing – she hasn’t stopped. She tripled her birth-weight in the first twelve months, which is, apparently, normal, and her growth rate has slowed down significantly, but she is still growing.

She appears to be getting longer in the body, rather than the legs. Vests, t-shirts and dungarees are all rapidly being discarded. T-shirts ride up, vests have to be stretched to the maximum to make them fasten underneath, and dungarees explode around the under-crotch poppers (and don’t you wish you had some?!).

By contrast, all the trousers that still fit her around the waist (the ones with the loose elastic) also look fine for length. She’s getting taller, but not, apparently, in her legs. Takes after her grandfather – my Dad’s six feet tall, but with (relatively) short legs.

I’ve spent this week buying bigger clothes for her, but I’m worried I’ve not done it right. I really struggled last summer, when the weather turned really quite chilly, and all Daisy had in her size were shorts and sun-dresses. Since it was August, all that was in the shops were shorts and sun-dresses, too, and I had great difficulty dressing the child suitably for the conditions.

I swore that this year, I would buy (preferably in the sale at the end of the season) extra winter clothes in the next size up, ready for what we British are pleased to call “summer”. But when I look at what I’ve bought, shorts and sun-dresses seem to be dominating. Maybe if it gets cold I’ll have to make long trousers out of bits of fabric…? I’m scarcely an expert seamstress, but needs must…