New Pooter

my desk full of stuff

after a bit of “return to base”, I’ve finally got my new pooter up and running, and after some rearranging of shelves, I have my nice new double monitor, pooter, filling most of the cupboard
as you can see from the pictures, it’s a bit of a monitor fest now, but that’s cool, because multiple monitors make you work better, it’s one of the things I’m pretty sure I’m going to lose when I change jobs, which makes me a bit sad, I’ll have to work on that, because as a percentage of my salary a couple of quid for an extra monitor is nothing (although the knock on effect of monitor envy does spread around the office).

Oh and yes it is nice and fast, thank you :0)

you can see what my old desk layout was like, or my desk at my current job which is all part of a set of photos of the Jumps’ desks.