Commander in Chef

As you may or may not know we are big west wing fans. We have the first five series on DVD, and are in the middle of watching the 7th Series on mofo. It’s gone of the boil a bit, but it’s still a good watch.

Last week ABC’s answer to the West Wing, ‘Commander in chief‘ aired on ABC1, and well erm, gosh. It’s certainly entertaining, in a watching a train wreck type way.

They must have known that there would be direct comparisons between the two shows after all they are both set in the white house, and are about ‘the president and staff’ and you can see that, because there are a number of places where they have deliberately done something, just so it wasn’t the same as the West Wing. The West Wing’s success was based on realism, fantastic dialog, and interesting stories, maybe the writers of this should have tried to keep at least some of the features of the west wing.

Ruth is saying she may not let me watch the next episode. I don’t see why, we like a good comedy.

1 thought on “Commander in Chef

  1. A terrible sister-show is emerging in my head:-

    “You may think that the most stressful job in the White House belongs to the President, or maybe his Chief of Staff, or the White Press Secretary. Those guys don’t know they’re born.

    Commander in Chef – if you want to see heat, head for the kitchen.”

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